Earth Day 2018

2018.04.20 00:00:00

Ontario, CA (April 19, 2018)

Ryan’s Recycling Challenge Is a Reminder for All of Us to Do Our Part

– This Earth Day rePlanet offers its thanks to the many Californians who make recycling beverage containers a part of their everyday life. Your commitment to reducing pollution and protecting our local environment has helped stop billions of plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers from being littered or put into landfills throughout the state.

This Earth Day, we are pleased to recognize Ryan Hickman, an amazing 8-year-old who founded Ryan’s Recycling Company with the goal to keep cans and bottles from reaching the ocean and harming the environment. His determination demonstrates the impact that one person can make on our planet and reminds us of the continued need for all of us to do our part to recycle, reduce and reuse.

Ryan spends time every week sorting through cans and bottles that he collects from his customers throughout the Orange County area and redeems them at his nearest rePlanet recycling center. In the past five years, he’s recycled almost 300,000 cans and bottles and donated almost $6,000 to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. His passion and hard work are truly making a difference.

Now, Ryan has a new goal.

It’s called Ryan’s Recycling Challenge and he’s urging his supporters to match his five-year total of 280,000 cans and bottles by May 1st. To date over 105,000 bottles and cans of the 280,000 have been recycled.

The money raised from Ryan’s Challenge will be donated to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center that rescues, rehabilitates and releases marine mammals and inspires ocean stewardship through research, education and collaboration. rePlanet applauds Ryan’s tremendous work and is privileged to be able to assist in his ambitions. “Ryan is a motivating individual who is changing the world right in front of our eyes. He is not only reducing the amount of beverage containers that are littered or end up in landfills, but he is supporting a noble cause with his partnership with the Pacific Marine Mammal Center,” said David Lawrence, President & CFO of rePlanet. “That’s why at rePlanet we are working to ensure all Californians are able to easily recycle bottles and cans like Ryan to reduce our impact on the environment.”

This Earth Day, join Ryan and do your part to recycle, reduce and reuse. For more information about Ryan’s Recycling Challenge, visit and help him in his effort to reach his goal. To find your local rePlanet center, please visit to find a convenient location near you.

About rePlanet
Every year, we count billions of containers from millions of Californians. rePlanet has built the largest recycling collection network in the country and partnered with nearly every major grocery chain to make sure a recycling location is always nearby. rePlanet creates real value by ensuring plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers stay out of landfills, and instead, are recycled into other products while putting money back into the wallets of our customers. In 2015, rePlanet launched “rePlanet Packaging” that uses the collected containers to design, manufacture and distribute the world’s most sustainable aluminum and PET packaging; which ends up being used by restaurants, food service, and your local grocery store, keeping over billions of bottles and cans out of landfills.