We're creating real value for people, humanity and the planet.

At rePlanet, every bottle counts.

And when we say every bottle counts, we mean it. Every year, we count billions of containers from millions of Californians. These containers put hundreds of millions of dollars into people’s hands, which makes a real difference—from putting dollars in your wallet, to keeping containers out of the landfill, to supporting community and national causes. At rePlanet, making every bottle count is more than just adding up numbers, it’s about making a difference and creating real value.

We’ve built the largest recycling collection network in the country and partnered with nearly every major grocery chain to make sure a recycling location is always nearby. Simply bring in your bottles and get your extra spending money, or donate your recycling dollars to a cause you care about. Recycling with rePlanet is easy and rewarding.

And if that isn't enough, you can feel good knowing rePlanet gives every bottle and can you recycle a new life.  We use the containers we collect to design, manufacture and distribute the world’s most sustainable aluminum and PET packaging, which ends up being used by restaurants, food service, and your local grocery store.

It’s how we create real value.

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